Turkey – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health


The Ministry of Health has issued public information brochures that recommend limiting exposure especially for pregnant women and children.

  • Ministry of Health Brochure Mobile Phones and Health Effects:
  • The Brochure starts by saying the research on cell phone radiation shows low levels of electromagnetic frequencies “may cause cancer”.  13 Recommendations to Reduce Exposure which include:  Pregnant women and children (under 16) are more vulnerable and they should use the phone only when necessary, Prefer speaker or headset, Decrease time on phones, Use low SAR phone, Keep phone away from the body, Keep phones out of baby and children’s bedroom,Turn phone off when you sleep or keep it one meter away from bedside, using phones in cars increases your EMF exposure so it is not recommended.

Education on Safer Phone Use Project

Development of regulations prohibiting children’s cell phone use. In 2014, the Ministry of Health started working on new regulations to prohibit cellphone usage for children under 14 year-old children.

The Ministry of Communications and Maritime Affairs monitors Electromagnetic fields around the schools and homes.

  • Ministry Website
  • The EMF in schools is monitored and the public can get measurements on EMF levels from cell towers and schools at a national site.


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