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Existing evidence is raising significant questions about health risks from cell phone and wireless radiation. Given the size of the potential impact, there is inadequate awareness, research, and regulation and people should take precautions to reduce exposure now.

Compared with adults, research on children shows that microwave radiation is absorbed twice as much into their brain, up to triple in their brain’s hippocampus and hypothalamus and up to ten times as much into the bone marrow of skull.

Cell Phone Radiation FAQ’s

EHT gets a lot of questions about cell phones and radiation. Are cell phones actually dangerous? Can wireless signals significantly affect the body? Why haven’t I heard about this before? Should I be worried? What can I do to protect myself?
Here are your questions about wireless radiation, answered.

Q: Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous?
Q: What other Health Concerns are Linked to Cell Phones?
Q: Is Anyone Doing Anything About it?
Q: What About Children?
Q: What Research has Been Done on Children?
Q: What Research is Being Done In Regards to Children Now?
Q: What About Studies Showing No Effect from Wireless Exposures?
Q: The majority of industry funded studies seem to show wireless radiation is safe. Yet the majority of independent studies show adverse effects. What research has investigated this?
Q: What is A Cell Phone “Fine Print Warning?
Q: What other devices, besides cell phones, carry these same risks?
Q: Why Should We Use “Precautions” with Cell Phones?
Q: Do Government Regulations Protect Us?
Q: How Did Cell Phones Get on the Market if There Are So Many Problems?
Q: What is a Safe Level of Cell Phone Radiation?
Q: What Action Can Governments Take?
Q: Is a cell phone in the front pocket safe?
Q: How Do I Reduce My Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation?


Top Ten Steps to Safe Technology: Learn ways to reduce exposures from the technology you use at home, school and work. This includes, computers, printers, baby monitors and speakers.

10 Things You Can Do to Reduce the Health Risk from Cell Phones: This page looks specifically at how you use your cell phone and shares ways you can decrease your risk.

Check out Dr. Joel Moskowitz’s Blog on Wireless Radiation

Read the EHHI Report on Cellphones, by a group that includes prominent Yale Doctors

Read the BioInitiative 2012 Report on Electromagnetic Fields

PBS Newshour: Neurosurgeon: Your Cell Phone Is Not Necessarily a Safe Device

2013 An Expert Panel on Cell Phone Radiation: The Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco

Dr. Devra Davis and Dr. Sharma Lecture at George Washington University on Wireless and Health June 2015

Washington Post article  Cellphone-safety advocate hopes Congress forces the FCC to update its regulations

Time Magazine: Cell-Phone Safety: What the FCC Didn’t Test:FCC guidelines on the safety of cell phones assumed that there would be a buffer between the device and your body.

What the Cellphone Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Radiation Concerns: A leading expert on health effects from cellphone radiation goes to battle against a multi-trillion-dollar industry. Alternet

The Green American Issue 82. The January/February 2011 issue featuring the dangers of prolonged cell phone usage and ways to protect yourself.

Non-thermal effects and mechanisms of interaction between electromagnetic fields and living matter. This paper, written by the world’s top experts in brain modeling and microwave radiation exposure to the brain (several of whom have worked for industry), shows that on average a child’s brain will absorb about twice as much microwave radiation from a cell phone as does an adult.  Yet, all cell phones today are tested in terms of a very large adult male– who falls at the top 3% of all U.S. men.


2009 EHT Washington Research Agenda. This research agenda was developed after the Washington DC Expert conference on Cell Phones and Health and is a wealth of information on what we knew in 2009.

Click on the images below to view videos related to cellphones and wireless radiation.


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