Doctors & Scientists Appeals For Stronger Electromagnetic Radiation Regulations


NPR 2008 Radio Interview “Scientist: Cell Phone Use May Increase Cancer Risk”. NPR’s Melissa Block interviews Dr. Dan Wartenberg professor of environmental epidemiology, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Listen to the interview below.

Vienna Resolution 1998

Salzburg Resolution 2000

Stewart Report, UK 2000

Declaration of Alcalá 2002

Catania Resolution 2002

Freiburger Appeal 2002

Bamberger Appeal 2004

Maintaler Appeal 2004

International Association of

Fire Fighters Resolution on Cell Towers 2004

Coburger Appeal 2005

Oberammergauer Appeal 2005

Haibacher Appeal 2005

Pfarrkirchener Appeal 2005

Freienbacher Appeal 2005

Lichtenfelser Appeal 2005

Hofer Appeal 2005

Helsinki Appeal 2005

Parish Kirchner Appeal 2005

Saarlander Appeal 2005

Stockacher Appeal 2005

Vancouver School Resolution 2005

Benevento Resolution 2006

Allgäuer Appeal 2006

WiMax Appeal 2006

Schlüchterner appeal

Brussels Appeal 2007

Venice Resolution 2008

French Doctor Appeal 2008

Porto Alegre Resolution 2009

European Parliament

EMF Resolution 2009

Dutch Appeal 2009

Int’l Appeal of Würzburg 2010

Copenhagen Resolution 2010

Seletun Consensus Statement 2010

Russian National Committee on

Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection 2011

Potenza Picena Resolution 2011

World Health Organization 2011

Austrian Medical Association 2012

Resolution on Electromagnetic Health 2012

British Doctor Initiative 2013

BabySafe Project: Joint Statement on Pregnancy and Wireless Radiation 2014

Canadian Doctors Declaration to Health Canada 2014

Scientific Declaration to Health Canada (International Doctors) 2014

Brussels International Scientific Declaration on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 2015

International Scientists Appeal to U.N. to Protect Humans and Wildlife from Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Technology 2015 Over 200 Scientists

Reykjavik Iceland Appeal on Wireless in School, 2017

Madrid Declaration 2017

Nicosia Declaration 2017


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