Ridiculous Wi-Fi Tech


The lack of adequate safety standards to protect public health has led to the unfettered rollout of wireless technology and products like these coming on the market. EHT strongly opposes the use of these ridiculous Wi-Fi tech products as they increase exposure of vulnerable populations to wireless emissions.

Pacifi-i: Ridiculous Wi-Fi Tech


A wireless pacifier to monitor baby’s temperature that connects to your Smartphone.


Hello Barbie

Wi-Fi-enabled ‘Hello Barbie’ records conversations with kids and uses AI to talk back.

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The Didi

The DiDi toy encases an iPad into a plush bear’s face and belly.


Infant Cries Translator

This App goes through your cell phone and claims to differentiate between four separate crying sounds: hungry, sleepy, pain, or a wet diaper.

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The Babypod


Speakers for the Vagina. Babypod is small tampon like intravaginal device connected to your Smartphone that that turns the vagina into a sound system.

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The Looncup is a menstrual blood silicone cup with a wireless transmitter that wirelessly connects to a smartphone to track periods.


Innotab 2 Baby

This tablet is designed for children under three.


Wi-Fi Pregnancy Test

Bluetooth radiating pregnancy test. The test stick syncs to your phone.


Wireless Diaper

A disposable wireless sensor that can be embedded in a diaper and wirelessly let you know when a diaper needs changing.


Wireless Sleep Suit

Wireless technology sends you text messages and email alerts on your mobile phones, personal computer or other tech devices that tell you about your baby’s movement and vital signs.



Counts how many words are spoken to your child and wirelessly syncs to your cell phone.


Kid Lid

Kid Lid protects the keyboard when children use your laptop.



Potty seat with iPad holder which can convert to activity seat.

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Body & Soul Remote 2

Body & Soul Remote 2

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Smart Diapers by Pixie Scientific

Smart Diapers

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Ridiculous Wi-Fi Tech


A Wi-Fi changing pad that monitors dirty diapers and baby’s weight.

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Google SmartCrib

Wireless sensors on the baby crib


octopus watch 2

Octopus Watch
“This smartwatch teaches kids to manage their own time”
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Fisher Price Smart Toy® Monkey

An interactive learning friend that talks, listens, and “remembers” what your child says and even responds when spoken to.


Momsense Smart Breastfeeding Meter

Ridiculous Wi-Fi Tech

Swipe & Feed

Feed your baby and check your texts.

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Ridiculous Wi-Fi Tech

Bluetooth Tampon

the tampon features a superlong string—braided with an implant-grade surgical-steel wire—that attaches to a belt clip where the Bluetooth chip lives.

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The SelfieMic has an adjustable selfie stick with a microphone, ear piece and free app, sing, lip sync and perform thousands of your favorite songs and create music videos. 

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

A smart breast pump that tracks the amount of milk pumped from each breast, how frequently someone pumps, and how long sessions last. See this related CNN article

Bluetooth Wireless Pill

A new electronic pill, equipped with a Wi-Fi transmitter, can harvest energy from inside a patient’s own stomach to record core body temperature and then beam the information to an external monitor.


O-Solid, an on-demand digital market, is now permitting shoppers to file simulated cunnilingus simply by licking their telephones.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep.

Toymail Talkie™

With the push of a button, kids can connect to Mom, Dad, Grandparents and friends at any time, from anywhere. Parents use the Toymail app to send messages.

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Digital Tablet Wall Mount Bathroom Stand

Enjoy hands-free tablet toilet time with the CTA digital tablet wall mount bathroom stand.

Handsfree Wireless Stroller with Webcam and Electric Motor

This is a smart stroller designed to keep you hands free.

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Connect, share and play with KidiBuzz™, the hand-held smart device for kids!

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VRSE™ Virtual Reality Entertainment System

The VRSE VR headset can be used to view VR movies and other VR media supported by your smart phone.

NINCOAIR NH90110 SHADE WIFI VR Virtual Reality Remote Control VR Drone

High performance semi-professional outdoor drone with VGA camera, Wifi connection and Virtual Reality glasses to set your device and feel like a bird.


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