Telecom and Insurance Companies Warn of Liability and Risk

Cell Phones Wireless Companies Warn Shareholders About Future Financial Risks From Electromagnetic Radiation

Below we have a slide show of Telecom warnings followed by Insurance Companies who do not insure for electromagnetic fields. In fact, electromagnetic fields are considered “pollutants”. We hope you will download these slides and share them widely.

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Most insurance companies exclude coverage of harm by electromagnetic fields


“This insurance does not apply to any liability, damages, loss, injury, demand, claim or “suit” that arises out of, or allegedly arises out of, exposure to or the presence of “electromagnetic fields and/or electromagnetic radiation” whether such “pollutant” is alone or combined with any other substances or factors, whether included in a product or otherwise. This exclusion applies regardless of whether such exposure occurs within or outside a building.”



Insurance Companies offer special coverage called an environmental insurance product for EMFs.

EMF’s are defined as a “pollutant” by many insurance companies requiring special risk coverage. Read the Willis insurance company article on EMF’s entitled, “Electromagnetic Fields: More than just an eyesore.”

“Owning, buying or selling a property with EMFs nearby can turn into a financial disaster – particularly as more science and studies further demonstrate rising health concerns in addition to potential diminution in value claims.”

“The warning in your smartphone” by Dr. Anna Young published by Ferris University of Sydney Business School


Dr. Anna Young‐Ferris published an article in The Responsible Investment Association of Australia:

“Contingent liabilities that arise from the threat of litigation for smartphone manufacturers and service providers are one of the major investment risks. So much so that telco companies could be the next wave of ‘sin stocks’.”

Read it here.

Geovital: A review of the UNSW Sydney ‘faculty of law’ program: Risks, regulations and liability around exposing other people to wireless technology EMF radiation

geovitalThe educational program at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) was aimed at lawyers, school principals, union representatives and others with an interest in radiation exposure, its legal ramifications and liability. This seminar was the first of its kind to be held in Australia and attracted professionals from across the country. Presentations were made by the following experts on various subjects related to radiation exposure. Read it here



Lawyers give presentations which include the electromagnetic radiation exclusion.

B0466817-13See Powerpoint Slide #13 from “An Assessment of Current Products, Risks, Coverages and Claims in Cyber Coverage Mary-Pat Cormier Bowditch & Dewey, LLP





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