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July 10th , 2019
Cyprus EMF Reduction in Makareio Hospital and New Wireless Public Health Awareness Campaign

Breaking News: Health authorities in Cyprus have launched a new  public awareness campaign to educate people about wireless radiation. In addition  the Archbıshop Makarıos III Hospital has reduced wireless radiation in the  Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Unit  by replacing wireless with wired internet connections.  Please see the press release reprinted with permission from […]

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July 9th , 2019
5G Beware: New Documentary by Greater Earth Media, Inc.

GREATER EARTH MEDIA, INC Press Release, reposting with permission Click here for PDF of release.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  BELLINGHAM, Washington / July 4, 2019 / Greater Earth Media, Inc.  Greater Earth Media, Inc. releases their latest short documentary project, “5G BEWARE” free to the public on-line. The film discusses the potential threat 5G Technology poses […]

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July 6th , 2019
Clinical Training for Medical and Health Professionals: EMF’s and Health

Clinical Conference for Medical and Health Professionals  on Electromagnetic Radiation  September 6-8, 2019    The first major US medical scientific conference for health care providers discussing the health effects of electromagnetic radiation will be held in a retreat center in Scotts Valley, California USA September 6-8, 2019. See Read news recent coverage of the […]

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July 2nd , 2019
Court Upholds Landmark Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Right To Know Ordinance and Rejects Industries Appeal

Court Upholds Landmark Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Right To Know Ordinance and Rejects Industry’s Appeal 2 July 2019  A landmark Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the City of Berkeley’s cell phone right to know ordinance rejecting industries argument that the ordinance violates the first amendment.  The Berkeley ordinance requires retailers to inform consumers that […]

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June 24th , 2019
Podcast: Night of the Killer Smog

Podcast: Night of the Killer Smog In the Centennial episode of Third Pod from the Sun, Dr. Devra Davis recounts the effects of the Donora and London smog events and describes why they were so deadly. A Pennsylvania native who grew up in the town of Donora, Devra shares her memories of living in the polluted […]

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June 19th , 2019
Maryland v. FCC. Amicus Brief of the Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council

Amicus brief plus exhibits filed by The Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council in Montgomery County, Maryland v. FCC. It is focused on flaws in the FCC exposure standards to humans and wildlife pertinent to small cells and 5G.   The Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council  Amicus Brief, Appendix  

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June 14th , 2019
Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): A Training Workbook for Working People:

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): A Training Workbook for Working People: Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): A Training Workbook for Working People published by the Labor Institute and funded by a grant from the New York Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education program. Full Book Text, Download PDF  *This document was issued in the early […]

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June 12th , 2019
Policy Report: Small Cell Facilities in Boulder, CO

POLICY REPORT: Small Cell Facilities in Boulder, CO Planning Ahead for an Evolving Legal Regime Grant Wilson  June 4, 2019 The primary goal of Small Cell Facilities in Boulder, CO: Planning Ahead for an Evolving Legal Regime (“Small Cell Facilities Report” or “Report”) is to inform decision makers in the City of Boulder (“Boulder”), as […]

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June 6th , 2019
State 5G Bills Stripping Away Local Protections for Liability From Harm

State 5G Streamlining Bills are Stripping Localities’ Basic Contractual Rights to Indemnification Some state 5G streamlining bills are targeting and eroding localities’ basic contractual rights to indemnification. If 5G is safe, why are the companies who are going to profit from it afraid of indemnifying local communities for potential harms? Telecommunications companies want to roll out 5G-ready infrastructure […]

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Ontario Doctors Warn of Rising Health Care Costs after 5G Roll Out -Women’s College Hospital

Wireless Technology Symposium Friday May 31, 2019 – Women’s College Hospital This is from Canadians for Safe Technology Toronto – Doctors treating patients from over-exposure to wireless radiation joined scientists at Queen’s Park to recommend the Ontario Government take steps to protect public health before the roll-out of wireless 5G – the next generation […]

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