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The Environmental Health Trust is dedicated to educating the public and especially our young people on cell phone safety. In this day and age of smartphones and tablets and apps, it is important that we reach our children and teenagers so that they can make healthy technology choices. This page documents the efforts of schools all over the nation to teach safer cell phone use. If you’re interested in starting one of your own school programs, please email us. Please join us in spreading this important information.

PSA’s and Informational Videos

Annual Environmental Health Trust Student Art and Technology Contest in the Jackson Hole Schools and Community

Please check out the results of past years Environmental Health Trust Student Art and Technology Contest. The contest is designed to get children to dig deeper into the science around wireless technology and the safety measures that are important for them to embrace. With the explosion of wireless devices in families and schools today, EHT’s Safe Cell Phone Use Campaign is vital in bringing important information (some of which is included in very small print in the owner manuals of these devices) to every student, parent and teacher in Jackson. EHT presents this information and contest particulars in classrooms, school meetings and parent groups at every school in Jackson,Wyoming.

Past Contest Winning Entries

Student Made Video from Oklahoma

This video was created by a Byng Junior High School 9th grade science research team as part of their award-winning 2009-10 U.S. Army E-Cybermission project addressing the human health risks of cell phone radiation.

“These students approached me directly, having read about my warning label legislation in Maine. I suggested some ideas and resources to them, and they took off. They embody the promise of our youth.” —Representative Andrea M. Boland

“This is a GREAT video. The kids really got it and have fun telling their peers.” —Lloyd Morgan

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