National Press Club Expert Lecture 2012


November 12, 2012: Scientists provide an update on latest (peer-reviewed) science of prenatal cellphone radiation exposures of tested mammals finding damage to their brains and their offspring.

Cell phones are a ubiquitous part of our lives. But, several new, independent studies confirm previous findings that pulsed digital signals from cell phones disrupt DNA, impair brain function and damage sperm. Fetuses, children and teens are particularly vulnerable such that the American Academy of Pediatrics sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission asking for a review of the exposure limits.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently issued a Report calling for an update of cellphone exposure limits. The GAO recommended, “FCC should formally reassess and, if appropriate, change its current RF energy exposure limit and mobile phone testing requirements related to likely usage configurations.” In reply, the FCC stated on page 40 of the Report “…the Commission’s staff … arrived at the same conclusion [and the] document is … under consideration by the Commission …”.

Watch the lecture in the video below to find out what new scientific research is now telling us about the risks to pregnant women sperm and prenatally exposed offspring from cell phone radiation. Hear global experts discuss the new studies on this topic and offer suggestions as to what we can all do to reduce risks from cell phones, especially for pregnant women, fetuses and men of reproductive age.


Word Document detailing scientific developments and studies relating to this press conference

San Francisco Medical Society commentary by Dr. Davis

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