Our Mission


Environmental Health Trust is the only nonprofit in the world today that both carries out high-level critical research on controllable environmental health hazards and works directly with local communities, teachers, parents and students as well as policy makers to understand and mitigate these hazards through research, education and advocacy.

We are putting forward solutions. We want a safe and health environment and we want safe technology.

We develop multi-media science-based tools to educate individuals, health professionals and communities about public health threats, as well as identify, evaluate and mitigate risks of cellphone and other forms of microwave radiation by:

  • Promoting public understanding of the complex science underlying avoidable environmental health hazards by working with teachers, parents and students to create entertaining, engaging hands-on multi-media educational tools based on state-of-the-art information that rely on peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Conducting cutting-edge research with our world-class collaborators intended to promote new or improved safety standards for cell phones and other microwave radiation sending or receiving devices,
  • Publishing articles in peer reviewed journals about avoidable environmental health hazards, and
  • Working with local, state and national decision-makers and scientists to develop and promote constructive policy changes that rely on our research and extensive input from relevant experts.



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