5G Expert Presentation in Potomac MD

Mythbusting on 5G Birds, Bees, Trees, Property Values and Climate Change  The Environmental Effects of 5G and “Small Cell” Antennas in Your Front Yard   When: January 22, 2020 Where: Potomac Community Center, 11315 Falls Rd, Potomac, MD  Time: 7-9 PM   Are the 100 Cities/Towns/Regions that  have signed official resolutions to halt 5G part […]

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5G Awareness Poster Banned in the UK

This 5G awareness poster by Electrosensitivity UK http://www.es-uk.info/ has been banned by the Ads Council. It is the second poster on the health impact of wireless banned by the Ads Council despite the hundreds of scientific papers provided to the Ads Council. The ruling on the 5G poster can be found here ASA Ruling (REF: […]

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The Danish Health Authority Denied the Telecom Minister a 5G Assessment

EHT is sharing press release sent from from Davis Wedege, a Danish journalist who did a Freedom of Information request and found that in internal emails, the Danish health authority stated they could not provide the Danish Telecom minister with a 5G health assessment. Yet the Telecommunications office then stated the  national health authority had […]

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Australia Fires And Technology’s Climate Vampire: Why The Environmental Impact Of 5G Expansion Could Be Massive

This op-ed was originally published in International Business Times on January 5, 2020,  By Dr. Devra Davis   The ravaging fires of Australia’s drought-riddled bush provide a global warning. Amidst the largest mass evacuation in its history with no relief in sight, thousands of Australians are now forced to shelter-in-place, while others are crammed into seashores where […]

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Dozens of US Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners Send Letter to President Trump Calling for A Moratorium on 5G  Press Release

Dozens of US Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners Send Letter to President Trump Calling for A Moratorium on 5G  Experts are urging for reductions in exposure to protect human health and the environment.  Washington, DC – A broad coalition of scientists, doctors and advocates sent a National 5G Resolution letter to President Trump demanding a moratorium […]

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Climate Change and 5G

Climate Change, 5G and the Internet of Things  Download and share our Factsheet on 5G, Energy Consumption and Climate Change here. This factsheet is hyperlinked to research studies and a great resource to raise awareness. The unbridled energy consumption of our wireless revolution, 4G, 5G and the Internet of things is contributing to climate change. […]

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Kalamata Greece Suspends 5G Program

Kalamata Greece Suspends 5G Pilot Program Greece: The Kalamata City Council decided not to continue the 5G pilot program after a three hour debate. “The City decided not to renew the contract with the telecommunications company-  a contract originally signed for the development of a 5G Pilot program. This is a result of a 6 […]

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Europe and America have a Right To Know About #5G Cell Phone Safety

This op-ed was originally published in eureporter on November 27, 2019.  by Theodora Scarato   Google announced they are testing a new 5G smartphone, a move that aims to expand the company further into the branded hardware market, writes Theodora Scarato, executive director of Environmental Health Trust. On 10 September, Apple launched three new iPhones (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, […]

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Health Effects of 5G: University of San Francisco California Lectures

Health Effects of 5G: University of San Francisco California Lectures on 5G and Health Effects Presentation by Devra Davis PhD, MPH, Lisa Nagy MD, and Theodora Scarato MSW 5G and Health: University of California San Francisco Dr. Devra Davis presents on the health issues of 5G.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmp_OTT05Tw   5G and Health: University of California San […]

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USA National 5G Resolution

United States of America National 5G Resolution An Urgent Call for a Moratorium on 5th Generation Wireless  Technologies Pending Safety Testing  Press Release and Signatory list can be found here. Doctors or health practitioners who want to sign onto  this letter please email EHT at [email protected] To:  Donald Trump, President of the United States of […]

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