EHT Resources for EMF Conference


EHT Resources for EMF Conference

We are here to research, educate, inspire and support awareness of electromagnetic radiation. We hope you will share our materials far and wide.

Interested in more education?

For an expert briefing, please contact us at [email protected] Yes, we do presentations/zoom calls with medical organizations, community groups, and educators.

We hope you will take a look at our latest webinars  now online which include: Interview with Dr. Miller, Dr. Davis at UCSF, Theodora Scarato at UCSF, 5G and Health part 1, 5G and Health part 2

Here are some materials for you to use and share.

More cell phone and 5G posters at this link. 

Additional Resources 

  • Questions and Answers on Wi-Fi and Cell Phones in Schools: This two-pager is filled with links and resources on why and how to reduce wireless radiation exposure at schools.
  • Checklist on How to Reduce EMF and Wireless Radiation for Schools: A list of actionable steps every school can take to eliminate and reduce EMF exposure at school.
  • CHPS Low EMF Criteria: The Collaborative for High-Performance Schools has developed Best Practices for LOW EMF classrooms that details how schools can replace wireless networks with wired networks.
  • A short but powerful list of published research on wireless radiation. 
  • Americans for Responsible Technology, a 501(c)(4) non-profit, represents 100+ organizations from across the country concerned about the massive build-out of 5G technology in residential neighborhoods. The purpose of the movement is to help us amplify our lobbying power in Washington as we advocate for technology solutions that do not impact the property values, health, safety and security of citizens. 
  • 5G Crisis is a grassroots campaign opposing the unfettered buildout of 5G infrastructure. We provide concerned individuals with a basic overview of what 5G technology is, why it poses a serious risk to public health and what people can do to legally and effectively impede 5G development in their communities.


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