Posters On Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation Awareness


EHT is releasing new posters to raise awareness on cell phone and wireless radiation.  The posters come in two sizes so you can print 8.5 by 11 inches and also 24 by 36 inches. Please take a look at the posters and click to download them. We hope you will use these to raise awareness in your community.

Regular Paper Sized Posters 8.5 by 11 inches

AAP Baby Cell Phone Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19
AAP Teen Tablet Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19
AAP Toddler Cell Phone Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19
AAP Toddler Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19
Protect Yourself Boys Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19
Protect Yourself Breast Cancer Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19
Protect Yourself Girls Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19
Teen Sleep Cell Phone Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19
Woman Cell Phone Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19
Woman Sleeping Cell Phone Poster_8.5x11_08.26.19

Large posters 24 by 36 inches

Girl Tablet_Protect Poster_24x36_08.26.19
ManPants_Protect Poster_24x36_08.26.19
ToddlerPhone_Protect Poster_24x36_08.26.19
ToddlerTablet_Protect Poster_24x36_08.26.19
WomanBra_Protect Poster_24x36_08.26.19
WomanSleeping_Protect Poster_24x36_08.26.19


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