Fourth student has cancer. Parents demand removal of cell tower from Ripon school


Families have been calling for the removal of a cell phone tower at Weston Elementary School since 2017 when several students and staff developed cancers. Now that yet another student has developed cancer in 2019, parents are demanding the tower be removed. The March 2019 school board meeting was packed in opposition to the cell tower and the meeting was widely covered by press. Parents stated they are holding the school board accountable.

2019 News Stories on Ripon Students Developing Cancer 

Sacramento Bee: Fourth Ripon student has cancer. Parents demand removal of cell tower from school, March 12, 2019

The Modesto Bee: Ripon school parents want cell tower removed over cancer fear, March 12, 2019

 Read the research that links cell towers to cancer and other health effects here. 

2017 Ripon Petition to Remove Cell Tower

In 2017 after two students and two staff members were diagnosed with cancer  parents started a Petition– which now has thousands of signatures- to remove this elementary school cell tower and to remove cell towers from all of Ripon School District grounds.

“I want them to convince the district to take it down,” said Mason Ferrulli, a 6th grader who has attended Weston Elementary since kindergarten whose son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Mason underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove the tumor and has undergone six weeks of therapy to re-learn how to eat and walk.”Joe and Kelly Prime’s 10-year-old son Kyle also developed cancer. A tumor engulfed his left kidney and needed to be removed. He underwent months of chemotherapy and radiation, missing a year of school.

Please see news reports from 2017 below.

KCRA 3 News Report: “2 students get cancer; Ripon parents want cell towers removed from schools” (June 20, 2017)

The Modesto Bee News Article: “Citing cancer cases, Ripon families demand cell towers be removed at schools” (June 20, 2017)

Fox TV News Report: “Parents of Cancer Survivors Still Waiting for School District’s Response Regarding Cell Phone Tower” (June 19, 2017)

Fox 40 News Report: “After 2 Ripon Children Diagnosed with Cancer, Kids and Parents Protest Cell Tower on School Grounds” (May 31, 2017


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