Bangladesh – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health


April 2019: Court Directive on Cell Tower Radiation

According to news reports in  Bangladesh, a High Court (HC) has issued an 11-point directive to protect public health and environment from cell tower radiation.


  1. The radiation level of the mobile phone tower must be reduced to 1 percent from the permissible level of 10 percent;
  2. Remove the mobile phone towers installed on the rooftop of homes, schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics, jails, playgrounds, populated areas, heritage, and archaeological sites and no more installations on those places;
  3. Take security measures to control the higher level of radiations;
  4. Check whether there is any obstacle in acquiring land or take alternate measures in order to installation of towers;
  5. Follow the radiation levels in line with the BTRC, International Telecommunication Union or ITU and International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC standards;
  6. Replace over-radiated towers with new ones;
  7. Hold the BTRC accountable for tower verification and monitoring tests;
  8. Form a BTRC monitoring cell to control health risks;
  9. The BTRC will form an alternative dispute resolution committee and will ask the license holders to submit progress report every 6 months;
  10. Specific absorption rate or SAR value should be shown on mobile set so that it can be visible;
  11. Monitor every report and record submitted by the license holders concerned up to five years.

News Reports

2019 April 25, High Court orders BTRC to report on mobile phone tower radiation,


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