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Children and pregnant women are most at risk from cell phone and wireless exposures. For children, cancer risks may be greater than that for adults because of greater penetration and absorption of cell phone radiation in the brains of children and because the developing nervous system of children is more susceptible to tissue damaging agents.

“The average RF energy deposition is twice as high in certain regions of children’s brains and up to 10 times higher in the bone marrow of children’s skulls, compared to energy deposition in adult brains and skulls.”

—The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer Monograph on Radio Frequency Fields

Doctors are in a unique position to directly educate their patients and their families. This page contains resources for pediatricians including research studies, educational resources, and links to learn more.

Please be aware of the organization Physicians for Safe Technology “We are a group of physicians and health professionals whose mission is to provide trusted leadership in promoting, healthy and safe environments through the safer use of technology at home, in schools, in the workplace, in healthcare settings and in communities. Our aim is to prevent acute and chronic diseases by encouraging understanding of the connection between the public, psychosocial and environmental health effects of using modern technology.”


Suzanne Rosenberg, CEU Cell Phones and Children: Follow the Precautionary Road Pediatric Nursing, 2013 Mar-Apr; 39(2):65-70., FULL PDF of Article

  • “Children are increasingly using cell phones. “Family package” deals make it easy for parents to obtain phones for their children, and the phones provide parents with the comfort of easy access to their children. However, cell phones emit radio frequency (RF) radiation (Bucher & the Committee on Appropriations, 2010). While the government has deemed RF radiation to be safe, there is no current significant research to make this claim. To determine the relationship between cell phone radiation and brain cancer requires long-term studies lasting decades and with inclusion of frequent users in the subject pool. Further, to extend the results of any study to children requires controlling for the differences between juveniles and adults regarding the composition of the head, and bone density and neural tissue. Dr. L. Hardell of the University Hospital of Sweden noted that “it is necessary to apply the precautionary principle in this situation,” especially for long-term exposure that is likely to affect children (Hardell as cited in Mead, 2008, p. 1). There is cause for concern.”


The Austrian Medical Association Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF related Health Problems

The Austrian Medical Association has developed a guideline for differential diagnosis and treatment of health problems associated with outdoor and indoor electrosmog. Guidelines of the Austrian Medical Association for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF related health problems and illnesses (EMF syndrome)

Calming Behavior in Children with Autism and ADHD: Dr. Toril Jelter’s  Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)-Lowering Protocol (That Has No Cost Or Side Effects)

Treatment Protocol for Autism by Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD

Technology Unplug Protocol by Occupational Therapist Chris Rowan


“Wi-Fi in School: Are We Playing It Safe With Our Kids?” The Santa Clara County Medical Association Bulletin March/April 2015


Connections in our Environment: Sizing up Electromagnetic Fields, Autism Notebook Spring 2015, pp. 24-25  

Children and cell phones: is phone radiation risky for kids?” National Center for Health Research:

Pediatricians Say Cell Phone Radiation Standards Need Another LookTime Magazine:

Download PDF Doctors Letters on Children and the Health Risks of Wireless

The BabySafe Project: Doctors joining together to educate pregnant women on how to reduce their risk.

Click to read the American Academy of Pediatrics Cell Phone Safety Tips for Families
Click here to read the California Medical Association Wireless Resolution 12/2014

Cell Phones: Technology, Exposures, Health Effects by Environment and Human Health, Inc. lead authors from Yale School of Medicine.

RESEARCH STUDIES TO KNOW - Click here for a sampling of research

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Vienna Medical Association Cell Phone Tips Full Poster  Printable PDF

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AAP Webpage Cell Phone Radiation & Children’s Health: What Parents Need to Know

AAP responds to study showing link between cell phone radiation, tumors in rats, Press Release May 27, 2016

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Letter to Federal Communications Commission

AAP Letter to Congress In Support of H.R. 6358, the Cell Phone Right to Know Act.

AAP Healthy Children Webpage Electromagnetic Fields: A Hazard to Your Health?

Textbook of Children’s Environmental Health, 2013 Edited by Philip J. Landrigan and Ruth A. Etzel, Chapter 41. Electromagnetic Fields by Kurt Straiff, Robert Baan, and Neela Guha

Oxford Press link here. See the Chapter on Google Books here.


Doctor Letters on School Wi-Fi

Collaborative For High Performance Schools Low-EMF Criteria

Scientific Lectures

2015 Dr. Davis Delivered the Dean’s Lecture at Melbourne

2012 National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences Lecture

2015 George Washington University Lecture

2016 Cell Phones, Wireless And Children’s Health Symposium Pediatric Academic Societies

2015 Expert Panel Discussion on Children and Wireless For Parents

2013 Commonwealth Club Expert Panel


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