Letters From Doctors on WiFi in Schools And Cell Towers On Schools

Letters by Medical Doctors/Public Health Experts to Schools on Wireless Health Risks in Schools

WiFi in Schools

Download PDF Doctors Letters on Children and the Health Risks of Wireless

Download PDF Doctors Letters on Health Risks of Cell Towers Near Schools 

Letter from Cindy Sage of the BioIninitiative Working Group “Protecting health and welfare of students and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic – Specific to wireless technology use” March 23, 2020

Letter from Dr. Hugh Scully, cardiac specialist, to the City of Toronto concerning cardiac rhythm sensitivity to EMR 

Letter From Dr. Magda Havas on Wi-Fi in Public Places submitted to Toronto Government 

Letters to Half Hallows School District

Letter from Dr. Devra Davis to Half Hallows School District, New York 

Letter from Dr. David Carpenter to Half Hollow Hills School District New York 

Letters to Hempfield Public School District, Pennsylvania, 2017
Letters to Petaluma Public Schools California, 2016

(Note: These letters were written after the NTP study release and include an analysis of how the research impacts an understanding of the risk to children).

Letters to Montgomery County Public Schools Maryland, 2015
Letters to Fay School
Letters to the Los Angeles School District
Letters by Experts


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