Fine Print Warnings on Radiation Exposure in Cell Phone and Wireless Device Manuals


All wireless devices from smartphones to wireless laptops to baby monitors come with FCC warnings that they are NOT safe to use if held directly on the body because the radio frequency emissions can exceed government limits. Very importantly, if you place a cell phone at body contact, you can exceed radiation limits up to 9 times US FCC limits according to reports of the French government after testing hundreds of cell phones.

On this page we have images that you can click on to see the fine print warnings. If you want a list of warnings (without images) please go to EHTs page with RF fine print warnings here. 

Click on the logos to see the warnings in the manuals.

Fine Print Warning FAQs
Q: Why the distance?
Q: What happens if you use the device closer than that distance?
Q: If I follow these distances will I be safe?
Q: So what should I do?
EHT’s New E-Book on Fine Print Warnings

Fine Print Warnings

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