Jackson Schools Program 2014: See the Videos that Won Our Contest!


Environmental Health Trust’s Jackson Hole Schools Safe Wireless Campaign culminated at the Eco Fair on May 10th when our 4th Annual Student Safe Phoning/Safe Driving Contest winners were announced and brought their message to the stage along with the Mayor and talk of his Proclamation for Cell Phone Safety Awareness in Jackson! The Contest raises awareness of the importance of living safer with wireless technology and is intended to get students interested in the importance of being safe with their cell phones and other wireless devices. Children, pregnant women and aspiring fathers are most at risk, so EHT promotes early learning to students and parents throughout the Jackson community.


Here are the three video entries for 2014 EHT Student Art and Tech Contest:

1st Place

Town of Jackson Hole Cell Phone Awareness Proclamation:



2nd Place

Texting and Driving:



3rd Place

It’s All About Safe Wireless:



Here are pictures from our successful event!


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