France Cell Phone Radiation Tests: Make, Model and SAR Radiation Measurements of 379 Phones


View the cell phone test measurement data released from ANFR that found MOST phones tested at body contact exceed regulatory limits. In this PDF we include the make, model and SAR level for each phone, along with test measurements for 5 mm and 0 mm separation distance. We also included the equivalent FCC numbers.

The phones are listed in order from those with the highest SAR levels to the lowest at 0mm.

As a example of the hundreds of full cell phone test reports online please see these examples: the Polaroid PRO 881A, the Motorola Motoluxe, the Apple iPhone 5, and the Echo Note. Please see the French test agency ANFR spreadsheet for more test reports.  If you want to see the full spreadsheet of data and the full test reports on each phone you will find it  online at French government agency ANFR’s website at this link. 

Read EHTs press release that explains Phonegate and these test measurements.

Read a Q and A on the French Cell Phone Radiation Phonegate Scandal here.

Read the news reports – international headlines- from the release of the documents.

Click here to download the PDF .

ANFR Data PDF SAR European and FCC

See below the full set of French government  test data. It is in French so you can scroll to the right to see the column called “DAS tronc (au contact)” which refers to the testing done against the body at “contact” position.

This information is found online here and you can download a spreadsheet of the information from the ANFR website. 


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