France Bans Cell Phones in Schools and Playgrounds


France Bans Cell Phones in Schools and on Playgrounds 

Breaking News 12/10/2017

Mobile phones will be banned in schools for children up to age 14 including playgrounds and the hallways announced the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer according to a news article published in Le Monde. The measure was confirmed by the Minister of Education.

Le Monde states this was a campaign promise Emmanuel Macron. The code of education already outlaws the use of mobile phones in schools during classes but this new action bans cell phones on the playground, the hallways and in between classes as well.

In the United States, many schools are moving to ban cell phones as well but there is not a national policy in place.

Read the full December 2017 Le Monde  article “No More mobile phones in schools and colleges in the fall of 2018” at this link.

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