Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): A Training Workbook for Working People:


Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): A Training Workbook for Working People:

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): A Training Workbook for Working People published by the Labor Institute and funded by a grant from the New York Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education program. Full Book Text, Download PDF 

*This document was issued in the early 1990’s. The research evidence indicating adverse effects has only increased since that time. Yet the Department of Labor and NIOSH have no authority to take any action and we are not aware of any staff  in these federal agencies that have expertise in EMF.

"Non-ionizing radiation is at the lower frequency end of the  spectrum and although it was previously thought to present no  risk to humans, it is now recognized to have biological effects."
"EMFs May Promote Cancer. 

Available evidence indicates that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) do not function as classical initiators in tumor formation by causing 
damage to DNA and gene mutation in cell nuclei. However, they  may function as promoters, by reason of their actions on cell  membranes that form a closing envelope around all cells" 

"Research has established that the main site of action of  electromagnetic fields is at cell membranes. Many chemical tumc  promoters also act at cell membranes. They include insecticides 
(DDT), polychlorinatedbiphenyls (PCBs) formerly used as electri<  insulators and coolants, tobacco and certain other plant substance  associated with human cancer."

"Studies show that the joint actions of chemical cancer promoters c  electromagnetic fields at cell membranes leads to uncontrolled 
growth. We know that chemical cancer promoters disrupt the  "whispering together" between normal cells. Actions of these 
promoters are enhanced by weak EMFs, but there may be no effe  of fields alone." 

These findings imply that electromagnetic fields may act jointly with chemical cancer initiators and/or promoters, including  environmental pollutants, to disrupt normal communication  between cells, leading to uncontrolled cancer cell growth
"EMFs Can Affect Our Immune System. 
The body's immune system is the fortress built by nature against infection and the creeping claws of cancer. Reduced immune competence is therefore followed by dire consequences for the 
individual, whether it results from aging, from the ravages of  infection such as AIDS, or from environmental chemical pollution."

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs): A Training Workbook for Working People:  Full Book Text, Download PDF 

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)- A Training Workbook for Working People


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