Australia – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health


The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency 2015 Fact Sheet: “How to Reduce exposure from mobile phones and other wireless devices.”

  • Reduce the risk from WiFi devices by “keeping them at a distance, for example placing the wireless router away from where people spend time”, and “reducing the amount of time you use them”.
  • ARPANSA recommends that parents encourage their children to limit their exposure  stating that “It is recommended that, due to the lack of sufficient data relating to children and their long term use of mobile phones, parents encourage their children to limit their exposure by reducing call time, by making calls where reception is good, by using hands-free devices or speaker options, or by texting.”

Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment – 2015 “Guide to Safe Technology”

  • It’s not only physical hazards you need to consider when thinking about health and safety issues at work or home — you should also think about how you use technology. When using a computer, you need to think about: ergonomics and posture, radiation, vision impacts and harmful lack of exercise (DVT).
  • “Wireless devices — smart/mobile phones, tablets, slates, monitors etc — all emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation and should be used correctly. When using electronic devices, the department recommends you follow WiFi/3G/4G best practice:
  • Follow the manufacturer’s usage guideline  operate from a table or bench — not on your lap
  • Use ‘hands-free’ devices to keep smart/mobile phones away from your head and body during phone calls  limit the number and length of calls
  • Position the device antenna away from your body
  • Do not sit within 0.5 m of a wireless router use smart/mobile phone in areas of good reception to reduce exposure.”


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