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Ellie Marks, Director of Government and Public AffairsEllie Marks entered into the cell phone/brain tumor world when her husband was diagnosed with a malignant glioma in 2008. Ellie contacted experts worldwide who documented that Alan’s cell phone use contributed to his cancer. She testified to Congress, was on the Dr. Oz Show, Larry King Live, and many national newscasts. Ellie advocates for safer cell phones and for legislation for warnings. Ellie was involved in San Francisco’s successful cell phone legislation which she is now taking nationwide. Ellie has been contacted by hundreds dying from brain cancer; their tumors are on the same side of their heads to which they held their phone.
Susan Eriksen-Meier, Owner, Susan Eriksen-Meier Consulting Strategic AdvisorSusan Eriksen-Meier, LLC is a small business and nonprofit consult. For more than 20 years Susan has worked in the nonprofit community in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Susan holds a Masters degree from Antioch University, a Bachelors degree from the University of Massachusetts and is a graduate of the Excellence in Nonprofit Management Certificate Program through the University of Wisconsin. Susan became involved with the Environmental Health Trust in January of 2010. Her role on the Environmental Health Trust team includes board development, strategic planning and fundraising support.
Lloyd Morgan ,Senior Science FellowLloyd Morgan is an electronic engineer by training with 38 years of industrial experience and a member of international science organizations. His latest science paper “Estimating the Risk of Brain Tumors from Cellphone Use: Published Case-Control Studies” reports that the Interphone studies on the risk of brain tumor from cellphone use has a systemic-protective-skew that result in an underestimation of the risk of brain tumors. He is the lead author of the “Report, Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern”. Since 1995 Lloyd Morgan has been involved in the study of exposure to electromagnetic fields and resultant health problems.
Rob Stuart, President, Evolve StrategiesIn Memoriam EHT lost a brilliant innovator and his family lost a wonderful father and husband. Rob Stuart is the President of Evolve Strategies and the Evolve Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm. He is a famous “early adopter” who’s been leading the way in Internet media and network strategy for numerous political and advocacy organizations since 1995.His focus is to deepen and widen the capacity of non-profits to use technology that motivates and engage those who are sympathetic to their causes. Accomplished in the fields of environmental advocacy and philanthropy, Rob is a senior advisor to EHT on ways to expand its reach and effectiveness using new and social media.
Jeanne Chinard, Director of MarketingJeanne Chinard is President and Founder of et y and (&). Perceiving a need for a more organic and evolved concept of branding, she partners with clients to identify the sometimes invisible connections between the heart of a brand and its most ardent consumer base.Over the years, she volunteered her expertise to many causes, including Gilda’s Club, Breast Cancer Awareness, The Deciding Vote, Campus Truth, United Way and Publicolor. Along the way she won numerous awards, among them Clio’s, Andy’s, and Fifi’s. She was named one of the 100 Best and Brightest Women by Advertising Age.Today, at, she blogs about women’s issues, and focuses on connecting, championing and marketing to the savvy boomer woman. Most recently, with Charles Mullen, she launched DOT is quickly becoming an essential resource? “for the generation that won’t take old for an answer©.”

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