Leading Epidemiologists Conclude that Cell and Cordless Phone Radiation is a Probable Human Carcinogen


In 2011, the W.H.O IARC spent a year reviewing experiments and heath studies and concluded that cell and cordless phone radiation was a “possible human carcinogen.”  This is the same category as lead, DDT and engine exhaust – compounds that are subject to serious regulation and control today.  This new article reviews new studies published since the W.H.O review and concludes that this radiation should be re-classified as a probable human carcinogen.  Impressive reports that have studied those who began using cell phones before age 20 find a 4 to 8 fold increase in brain cancer as well as increases in leukemia.  In addition important new study found that cell phones do produce hot spots in living brain tissue, contrary to the assumption used to set all standards today.  Finally, this report documents the growing shortage in oncology services yet to come.

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